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Understanding Strata Property Law and Your Legal Rights

Are you struggling to find a solution for your strata property matter in British Columbia? You’re not alone. Many people who live in the tight quarters of a strata property experience neighbourly disputes, maintenance difficulties, and other thorny issues. If this sounds familiar, the law firm of Doran Law is here to help. 
Robert Doran is skilled in strata property law and deeply committed to understanding and addressing your specific needs. Contact Robert today for an initial consultation to learn how he can help you manage your strata land and property matter with confidence.

What Is a Strata Property?

In British Columbia, a strata property is a type of housing where people own their individual units and share ownership of common areas. This is common in properties like condominiums, townhouses, and some apartments. A subdivision could also be a strata. Strata properties are common in cities and urban areas. 
When you buy a unit in a strata property, you become a part of the strata corporation, which includes all the owners in the strata council members of the building. The strata corporation makes decisions about the upkeep and management of the strata building and common areas. These areas might include gardens, pools, hallways, and gyms. Each owner pays monthly fees to the strata corporation. These fees cover maintenance costs, repairs, and insurance for common areas.
There are also rules or bylaws in a strata property. These rules help keep everything running smoothly and ensure that everyone living there respects the shared spaces and each other’s rights. For instance, there might be rules about noise levels, pets, or parking. So, owning a strata property means you have your own space but also share in the responsibility and decision-making for the property as a whole.

What Is the Strata Property Act in British Columbia?

The Strata Property Act is a law in British Columbia that sets out the rules for creating and managing strata properties. This Act is important because it is intended to ensure that all strata properties, like condos and townhouses, operate fairly and effectively. When people buy a unit in a strata property, this Act becomes a key part of their ownership experience.
One major part of the Strata Property Act is how it establishes the creation and role of a strata corporation. This corporation is a group that includes all the owners in the strata property. It manages the property, takes care of the common areas, and ensures the building stays in good shape. The Act gives clear guidelines for running these strata corporations, holding meetings, and making decisions.
The Act also covers the rules or bylaws each strata property must follow. These rules are important to strata managers because they maintain peace and order in the property. The Act ensures that these rules are fair and respect the rights of all strata owners.
Another key aspect of the Strata Property Act is how it deals with financial matters. It requires the strata corporation to collect monthly fees from the owners to pay for things like maintenance, repairs, and insurance. The Act is meant to ensure that these fees are used responsibly and for the benefit of all strata lot owners.
Finally, in case of disagreements over strata plan or disputes among owners or between owners and the strata corporation, the Act provides ways to solve these problems. It aims to ensure that everyone gets treated fairly and that solutions are developed in a reasonable way.

Common Strata Property Issues

Strata properties often come with unique challenges and issues due to their particular legal requirements and structures. These issues can affect the daily lives of residents and require careful management. Here are some common strata property issues:

Noise Complaints

Noise is a frequent concern in strata properties due to the close proximity of residents. This issue often involves loud music, pets, or other disturbances that affect neighbours. Noise complaints can lead to tension between residents and require careful handling by strata manager to ensure a peaceful living environment.

Parking Disputes

Parking disputes are common in strata properties, especially when limited parking spaces exist on common property. Issues can include conflicts over-allocated spots, unauthorized parking, or problems with visitor parking. Such disputes need resolution to maintain order and fairness in the use of common parking facilities.

Pet Restrictions

Many strata properties have specific rules about keeping pets on limited common property. Challenges can arise when residents have pets in violation of these rules or when pets cause disturbances or are not secured appropriately within the property. These situations can lead to challenging disagreements among residents and property managers.

Maintenance and Repairs

Maintenance and repair of common areas and external parts of a strata property are essential for basic upkeep. Disputes on strata lots often center around the cost, quality, or timing of these repairs. These issues are important as they affect residents’ living conditions and property values.

Bylaws Enforcement

Each strata property has its own set of bylaws that residents must follow. Issues often arise due to non-compliance with these bylaws, such as improper use of common areas, unauthorized unit modifications, or other property violations. 

How a Strata Property Lawyer Can Help

A strata property lawyer can be a valuable ally if you’re facing an issue or dispute in your strata property. These lawyers are well-versed in the laws and regulations that govern residential tenancy in strata properties and can offer assistance in several ways, including:
  • Interpreting Strata Bylaws and Legislation: Understanding the complex bylaws and legislation of strata properties can be challenging. A strata property lawyer can help you understand these rules and how they apply to your situation. They can clarify your rights and responsibilities, ensuring you know your legal standing.
  • Representing You in Disputes: If you have a dispute with your strata council or another resident, a strata property lawyer can represent you. They can negotiate on your behalf, work towards a resolution, or represent you in hearings at the Civil Resolution Tribunal or in court. Their expertise can be invaluable in presenting your case effectively.
  • Advising on Repairs and Maintenance Issues: Issues around repairs and maintenance in strata properties can get complicated. A lawyer can advise you on handling these situations, such as dealing with unaddressed repairs or disagreements about who should pay for specific maintenance tasks.
  • Assisting with Alteration Agreements: If you want to make alterations to your strata unit, a lawyer can help draft and review alteration agreements. They ensure that your plans comply with strata bylaws and that you have all necessary permissions, helping to avoid future disputes.
  • Resolving Financial Disputes: Strata property lawyers can also resolve financial disputes, like disagreements over strata fees, special levies, or the allocation of repair costs. They can advise you on your legal options and assist in negotiating a fair resolution.

Why Choose the Law Firm of Doran Law for Your Strata Property Case?

Choosing the law firm of Doran Law for your strata property case in British Columbia means entrusting your case to a firm with a strong track record. Since 1981, we have served clients like you throughout Metro Vancouver and Surrey. Robert Doran personally represents each client at every stage of the legal process, ensuring direct and consistent legal guidance. 
We keep you informed every step of the way, providing peace of mind and clarity even in the most challenging legal disputes. Robert Doran’s thorough understanding of the ever-changing Canadian laws and regulations makes the law firm of Doran Law a reliable choice for your strata property matter.

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