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Occupational Health and Safety Lawyer

An Occupational Health and Safety Lawyer focuses on workplace safety laws and helps resolve related legal disputes.

Ensuring Workplace Safety: The Role of an Occupational Health and Safety Lawyer

Occupational health and safety concerns between workers and employers can become contentious unless both sides understand their rights and responsibilities. At Doran Law, we can provide the legal assistance you need to address all concerns related to workplace health and safety before they escalate into adversarial circumstances.


Indeed, our lawyers have a wealth of knowledge regarding occupational safety regulations. Since our inception over four decades ago, we have helped employers and their employees to protect their rights and fulfill their professional duties. If you have any questions or issues related to occupational health and safety, contact us today and discuss it with an experienced lawyer.  

Legal Framework and Occupational Safety Compliance

The Workers Compensation Act, along with the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation established by WorkSafeBC, form the cornerstone of occupational health and safety law in British Columbia. Every employer, regardless of their business size or type, is obligated to prioritize the safety and well-being of their workers by adhering to these regulations.


These laws outline the general responsibilities of employers, workers, and supervisors. They also provide a detailed legal framework that sets a strong foundation for workplace health and safety standards.


At Doran Law, we understand the importance of compliance with workplace safety regulations. We offer comprehensive legal advice, support, and representation to help businesses navigate the complex landscape of occupational health and safety law in British Columbia.


Whether you need guidance to understand your legal obligations (as an employer), develop safety policies, or representation in legal matters, our experienced lawyers are here to support you every step of the way. Let us help you ensure a safe and compliant workplace environment where the well-being of your employees is always the top priority.

Basic Health and Safety Rights for Employees

In British Columbia, employees have the right to know about their safety, participate in decisions that affect their health in the workplace, and refuse work that could harm them. Thus, employers are legally required to inform workers of all known or expected hazards in the workplace.


Additionally, employers should allow their employees to contribute to the steps taken to ensure a safe workplace. For instance, workers should have representatives in the workplace safety committees.


Lastly, employees can exercise their right to refuse unsafe work if their employers fail to address workplace safety concerns. Work with our skilled lawyers to draft and implement workplace health and safety policies to maintain compliance.

The Role of Our Experienced Lawyers

At Doran Law, our lawyers have in-depth experience in handling legal issues related to workplace safety, occupational health, and overall workplace compliance. We have helped employers address a broad range of regulatory issues, including compliance orders, responses to discriminatory-related complaints, and more. Indeed, our lawyers advise employers on workers’ compensation, human rights complaints, employee discipline, and more.


For over four decades, our experienced occupational health and safety lawyers have been dedicated to helping businesses navigate workplace-related issues confidently and successfully. We provide comprehensive legal advice and representation to ensure that your company remains compliant with all relevant regulations.


Whether you need assistance with reviewing occupational safety policies, responding to workplace accidents, or representing your interests in legal proceedings, we are here to help. With our experience and dedication, you can trust us to protect your business and prioritize the well-being of your employees.


The sooner you can contact us, the better, as there are many occupational safety regulations your organization must adhere to. Violating any safety law could have negative outcomes, such as a serious workplace accident, allegations of human rights violation, workplace harassment, or costly civil lawsuits.


Do not wait until your business is sued to contact us. Let Doran Law be your partner in building a safe and compliant workplace environment.

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