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Lease Dispute Lawyer

If you’re facing a lease dispute, reach out for the skilled legal guidance of an experienced lease dispute lawyer in Surrey today.

Introduction to Lease Dispute Lawyer Services in Surrey and Vancouver

Commercial leasing is a complex contractual matter that can lead to challenging litigation. Because your legal and financial rights hang in the balance, having a seasoned lease dispute lawyer in your corner is paramount.

Why Choose Us for Your Commercial Leasing Litigation

At Doran Law, we offer the focused legal representation you are looking for.

Expertise in Commercial Leasing

Our imposing practice is built on extensive experience successfully guiding commercial leasing claims toward favourable outcomes that support our clients’ rights.

Cost-Effective Legal Services

We take an individualised approach to every case we take on, including a flexible pricing structure designed to suit your unique needs. We’re committed to providing you with cost-effective resolutions to your leasing concerns.

Services for Commercial Landlords and Property Managers in Surrey and Vancouver

It’s not uncommon for commercial landlords and property managers to encounter lease disputes, and in response, we offer a range of highly effective services.

Lease Agreement Drafting and Review

The best approach when it comes to lease disputes is avoiding them altogether, and for that, you need a clear, well-considered lease agreement.

Handling Rent Arrears

Some of the surest techniques for handling rent arrears include the following:

  • Having a solid contract in place that succinctly addresses the matter of rent
  • Keeping the lines of communication between you and your tenants open
  • Maintaining a positive, business-like relationship with your tenants
  • Addressing any arrears early on
  • Attempting to resolve any issues that arise between yourselves – with the skilled guidance of your lease dispute lawyer

Legal Services in Surrey

In order to protect your rights as a landlord, it’s important to have a basic understanding of the applicable laws.

Understanding Vancouver's Lease Laws

Both landlords and tenants have specific rights and responsibilities that include living up to the terms in their tenancy agreements.

Tenants and Lease Disputes

Lease disputes between tenants and landlords can take many forms, but some are more common than others.

Common Disputes between Tenants and Landlords

Common disputes include:

  • Tenants who withhold rent in response to perceived landlord violations
  • A tenant or landlord who fails to adequately maintain the property in question – in compliance with the rental contract
  • Conflicts between tenants
  • Lease agreements that fail to address any burgeoning concerns

Tenant Rights in Commercial Leasing

In Surrey, Vancouver, the rights of commercial tenants are wide-ranging, but these renters are not afforded additional protections that tip the balance in their direction – the way residential tenants are.

Real Estate and Lease Litigation

Real estate laws and lease litigation go hand in hand.

Real Estate Laws in Surrey

Real estate laws in Surrey guide the resolution of lease disputes, and they spell out the rights and responsibilities of both the tenant and the landlord.

The Act Governing Lease Disputes

The Residential Tenancy Act governs disputes between residential tenants and landlords in relation to the law and the tenancy agreement they have in place.

Our Client-Centric Approach

When you work with Doran Law, you can expect a personalised approach that takes the unique circumstances of your claim into careful consideration.

Landlords and Property Managers

Lease disputes can interrupt the flow of business and can be both costly and time-consuming. We have the legal insight and drive to help guide your claim effectively and efficiently forward – toward a beneficial resolution that works for you.


Lease disputes are complicated legal matters, and protecting your rights from the outset is critical. Don’t wait to consult with a trusted lease dispute lawyer.

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