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Human Rights Lawyer

Doran Law offers skilled human rights lawyers to address discrimination and violations under Canadian and British Columbia laws, providing effective advice and legal action

Protecting Fundamental Rights: The Role of a Human Rights Lawyer

The law firm of Doran Law provides a client-focused approach to helping victims of discrimination and other human rights violations. We have a team of skilled and dedicated human rights lawyers who can provide effective advice and help take legal action against your landlord, employer, or any other individual who violated your human rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms and the British Columbia Human Rights Code.

Experienced Human Rights Law Advocates

Human rights laws protect you against all forms of discrimination in all social areas. For employment, the law prohibits discrimination based on your citizenship, age, sexual orientation, place of origin, family status, race, creed, marital status, ethnic origin, disability, sex, gender expression or gender identity, and record of offences.


Individuals working for banks, telephone companies, airlines, and other federally regulated employees can file their human rights complaints with the Canadian Human Rights Commission. On the other hand, provincially regulated employees may file their complaints at the BC Human Rights Tribunal.


At Doran Law, we understand how challenging it can be to stand up for yourself and ensure your voice is heard. Thus, we are dedicated to supporting you and providing the practical advice you need to successfully file your human rights complaint.

Filing a Human Rights Complaint

Complaints or cases related to human rights in the workplace often fall into two categories: discrimination and sexual harassment or sexual assault. At Doran Law, we are highly experienced in handling human rights investigations and providing legal advice to help our clients understand their legal options.


Additionally, we understand that some human rights violations present themselves clearly while others aren’t evident at first glance. Regardless of the complexity or nature of your complaint, we will gather the relevant information and help you file your human rights complaints while staying compliant with the human rights legislation.

Assertive Human Rights Law Advocacy

The law firm of Doran Law has encountered a broad range of human rights law issues in the workplace and other circumstances. Thus, we can help you and your company ensure compliance with the Canadian human rights legislation.


We are assertive in our advocacy for human rights, and our litigators have the skills, knowledge, and resources to represent our clients’ interests before human rights commissions and human rights tribunals. Indeed, our many years of experience in litigation, combined with our deep understanding of human rights laws and client emotions, has put us in the league of the most trusted and reliable human rights advocates.

Comprehensive Legal Representation

Our approach towards human rights complaints is driven by the need to achieve favourable outcomes for our clients. We usually offer a free initial interview, provide careful legal advice based on the information you provide, and ensure effective legal representation until your issue is resolved.


Indeed, the success of our law firm for over four decades has been majorly defined by our full-scale case preparation, with a deep understanding of the facts and personal legal representation by Robert Doran at every stage of all legal processes. Therefore, we can assist employees and other clients in filing claims related to human rights violations.

Our Lawyers are Ready to Help

At Doran Law, we believe that everyone has the right to be treated fairly, respectfully, and with dignity. Unfortunately, many people in British Columbia don’t get this treatment in the workplace and other aspects of our society.


If you are a victim of discrimination or other human rights violations, contact us. We have extensive experience fighting for clients in similar circumstances. For instance, we have helped clients who experienced human rights issues, wrongful dismissal and workplace discrimination to get justice.


Also, we have helped clients in both commercial litigation and civil litigation, providing the legal support they needed to file claims through various human rights tribunals. We can help you too. If you are in North Vancouver or any other city in British Columbia and need legal assistance, contact us today and discuss your case with experienced lawyers.

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