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Maximizing Benefits: Navigating Executive Compensation Agreements

Not all workers are equal. High-level employees often have considerable power over an organization’s affairs. As such, the recruitment, retention, and dismissal or termination of these workers must be approached strategically to ensure a sustainable work relationship.


The Law Firm of Robert Doran will offer the specialized legal services that your organization requires at all stages of an executive employment contract. When necessary, we can retain other compensation experts to continue providing the most reliable services.


Additionally, our team of lawyers advises our clients on a broad range of executive compensation issues. We draw on our extensive knowledge of tax, employment, securities, and corporate laws. At Doran Law, we work closely with employers to help attract and incentivize highly talented executives.

What’s an Executive Employment Contract?

This is a formal agreement between an organization and its executives that outlines the responsibilities, salary, benefit plans, and perks such as stock options or bonuses. In addition, it outlines the terms regarding confidentiality, non-compete clauses, and termination. An executive employment contract sets clear expectations and all legal protections for the executives and the companies they work for.

Governance and Compliance in Executive Compensation

Companies must balance their objectives of creating compensation plans that can attract top talents, are tax-efficient, and align with corporate interests. These objectives must also be compliant with the relevant government regulations.


At Doran Law, we excel in handling sensitive executive compensation negotiations without turning simple disputes into adversarial conflicts. Indeed, we provide legal advice on a broad range of executive compensation matters, including;

Executive Employment Agreements

An employment agreement is the foundation of all executive compensation entitlements. These include short-term incentive compensation, long-term incentive compensation, golden parachutes, and severance entitlements.


Our experienced lawyers will guide you (the employer) through the process of negotiating executive employment agreements. We will provide reliable legal counsel to ensure the deal is attractive to prospective employees and aligns with British Columbia’s employment law, other relevant laws, and best practices.

Equity & Incentive Plans

The experienced lawyers at Doran Law will work with both private and public entities to create or update incentive plans and all related documents. These include clawback policies, supplementary retirement plans, pension plans, cash-based plans, and equity-based plans. The latter may include share appreciation plans, stock option plans, restricted share units, deferred share unit plans, and performance share units.


For multinational corporations, we provide legal guidance on cross-border plans to ensure compliance with all relevant laws and tax systems. Our clients can also benefit from our insights into the emerging trends in various aspects of incentive compensation.

Employment Termination

Executive separations may be inevitable in a company and every separation presents a unique set of challenges. We offer practical and timely legal advice at all phases of the employment termination process to ensure a seamless transition. Indeed, we will guide your organization from the initial board approval process to negotiations for a separation package and final implementation of termination.

Tax Considerations

At Doran Law, we help both domestic businesses and international organizations, whether public or private, to address a broad range of tax-related matters in executive compensation arrangements and employee benefits plans. You can rely on our legal advice on:


  • Canadian or global equity incentive plans such as phantom stock plans and stock options
  • Compliance with relevant payroll taxes
  • Deferred compensation
  • Employer withholding obligations, such as those related to employees working remotely and international mobile workers
  • Handling non-qualified securities, carrying on business issues, and cross-border residency

Additionally, our lawyers will help you (the employer) understand and fulfil your disclosure obligations and all approval requirements of companies. Indeed, we will guide you to navigate complex proxy disclosure obligations while adhering to all industry best practices.

Need Help with Executive Employment Contracts?

At Doran Law, we understand that negotiating an executive employment agreement transcends mere formalities. It’s an important stride towards establishing a tenure that will be beneficial to your organization and resonates with the executive employee’s long-term career ambitions. Further, there are important legal provisions to be considered, such as executive compensation plans.


The Law Firm of Robert Doran has lawyers with a wealth of employment law knowledge. We are dedicated to helping you review and improve employment contracts for your executive employees. Indeed, we have a proven record of accomplishments – we have successfully helped clients to create detailed agreements, review their existing policies, and ensure sustained compliance.


We also help executive employees to negotiate legally acceptable employment contract terms. To this end, we will help you review your contract and provide reliable advice on all important aspects of the contract. These may include compensation plans (including deferred compensation), termination, responsibilities, confidentiality, and more.


Indeed, we are ready to ensure your rights are protected and that you receive the amount of executive compensation you are entitled to. Schedule a free consultation today and talk to an experienced executive employment lawyer.

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