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Employee Occupational Health Lawyer

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) legislation ensures no worker is exposed to unsafe conditions, from toxic chemicals to workplace harassment

Protecting Your Rights with an Employee Occupational Health Lawyer

The Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) legislation protects employees from a broad range of unhealthy and unsafe working conditions. These conditions range from toxic chemicals and heavy machinery to workplace-related harassment and violence. No worker should sacrifice their safety or health to do their job.


If you have any issue related to occupational health and safety, call Robert Doran, an experienced litigation lawyer. We provide personalized attention while prioritizing professionalism to ensure the best legal representation for our clients.

BC Workers’ Compensation Act

In British Columbia and across Canada, employers can be sanctioned for failing to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for employees. Every employer is legally required to adhere to the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations. These regulations are outlined in the Workers Compensation Act.


Under this Act, the WorkSafeBC (Workers’ Compensation Board of British Columbia) runs an independent agency that ensures all workplace-related health and safety regulations are enforced. Also, this agency trains or educates employers and employees on workplace health and safety. When workers suffer injuries or other health-related issues, the agency provides support and compensation according to the law.

Who does the OHSR Apply to?

The occupational health and safety regulations apply to all employees, employers, and other people working in industries that fall within the OHSR provisions in British Columbia. These provisions refer to the laws that address the rights and employees’ duties, supervisor’s responsibilities, and roles of other workplace parties.


Certain workplaces, employers, and industries are excluded from the OHSR. These include federally chartered workplaces, telephone systems, mines, banks, cable services, television services, and more. Interprovincial and international transport industry is also excluded from the OHSR.

Employee Rights under OHSR

In British Columbia, employees have the following rights categories:

The Right to Know

Every employee has the right to be informed about all workplace health and safety concerns. Employers must provide training and information on workplace hazards and provide personal protective equipment to workers who may be exposed to potential hazards.


Additionally, employers are legally required to provide information about preventive measures or a safety program in place to prevent critical injuries. For instance, employees need to know the protective devices they must use or any defective equipment that must be avoided.

The Right to Participate

All employees have the right to engage in matters related to their occupational health and safety. As such, they have the right to raise concerns about unsafe work environments, such as hazardous substances in the workplace, unavailability of a protective device, and other workplace health and safety concerns.


Employees also have the right to participate in workplace inspections and engage in the operations of a workplace health and safety committee. They can do so either as committee members or by having a health and safety representative on the committee. Generally, a health and safety committee allows employees to have input on the steps their employer takes to ensure workplace safety.

The Right to Refuse Work

Workers have the right to refuse unsafe work or refuse to work in an environment that poses a danger to them or other workplace parties. If an employee encounters a condition or situation that poses a danger to anyone in the workplace, they should report it to the employer or supervisor. If no action is taken to address the issue, employees can refuse to work.


At Doran Law, we can help you ensure all your rights as an employee are protected. Whether you want to file a claim for injuries suffered at work or your employee rights were violated, contact us, and our skilled lawyers will be ready to help.

Hurt on the Job?

In British Columbia, workplace health and safety laws cover all employees, employers, and other parties involved in the workplace. Thus, if you suffered injuries on the job, you are entitled to Workers’ Compensation. Also, if your employer is at fault for workplace health and safety violations (failed to ensure a safe workplace), you may file a lawsuit for damages.  

Facing a Reprisal?

If you are fired because you raised concerns about occupational health and safety, it’s considered a reprisal, which is illegal. If you have experienced reprisal, you have legal options. You can sue your employer for wrongful dismissal (termination) or file a complaint with WorkSafeBC.


Our experienced employment lawyers can help you navigate this process. We will assess your case, explain your rights, and determine the best course of action. Whether you choose to pursue a wrongful dismissal claim or file a complaint with WorkSafeBC, we will provide the guidance and support you need to protect your rights and seek justice.


Don’t let illegal reprisals go unchallenged. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn how we can help you fight back against wrongful termination. At Doran Law, we have been helping clients handle cases involving reprisals for many years. We have consistently proven our expertise in understanding and litigating issues related to reprisals and other workplace issues.

Experienced Occupational Health and Safety Lawyers

Employment law is broad and complex. As such, resolving issues related to employee safety requires careful consideration, planning, and legal advice. At Doran Law, we have many years of experience in handling issues related to employment at all levels of courts and federal and provincial tribunals. Indeed, we can help you navigate all disputes related to employee safety and human rights claims that may arise in your organization.


The Law Firm of Doran Law has highly experienced lawyers and paralegals with an in-depth understanding of occupational health and safety. This team offers legal advice to employers dealing with various issues related to British Columbia’s Workers Compensation Act, workplace safety, and occupational health safety and regulations.

Protect your Business from Costly Claims

At Doran Law, we understand that the legal process associated with OHS claims can be financially draining and overwhelming for business organizations. Our lawyers will work with you to ensure your organization stays compliant with all relevant laws. We stay on top of all industry trends and case law to ensure we serve our clients better.


Doran Law can help manage all the procedures and protocols involved in paying out benefits to employees under BC’s Workers Compensation Act. Such claim payouts can lead to higher insurance premiums that may add up over time for your business. However, most businesses don’t know that by taking precautionary measures, they can ensure proper occupational health and reduce the possibility of an injury claim.


Our lawyers strive to understand your organization’s needs and provide actionable legal advice. We will work with you to reduce the costs related to workplace injuries and health concerns through prevention, carefully considered return-to-work initiatives and effective case management.


Dealing with issues related to employee safety is an important part of worker-based business in British Columbia. Unfortunately, claims related to unsafe or unhealthy working conditions can be quite frustrating and overwhelming, particularly in the case of repeated violations. Such claims can also threaten the survival of your business.

Seek Legal Advice

Whether you need legal assistance to review or appeal a claim, we are here to help. Similarly, we can provide ongoing legal support to navigate occupational health and safety legislation and take precautionary measures to prevent workplace injuries and other safety issues. Some of the common issues we can help your business to handle include:


  • Management of claims related to workplace safety
  • Legal advice regarding workers’ compensation
  • Representation in appeals
  • Occupational health and safety compliance advice


At Doran Law, our team of employment lawyers has an excellent reputation for taking an innovative approach to providing organizations with the legal counsel they need to stay compliant. We also provide other legal services to resolve issues related to workplace safety.

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