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Understanding Breach of Contract: What You Need to Know

Contracts are important legal tools that set parameters for transactions. When either party to a contract fails to uphold the responsibilities outlined therein, it amounts to a breach of contract. If you’ve been negatively affected by someone else’s contractual breach or are facing a breach of contract claim, it’s time to reach out to an experienced breach of contract litigation lawyer in Surrey, Vancouver.

Introduction to Breach of Contract Lawyers in Surrey and Vancouver area

The violation of a contract is called a breach, and it means that one party to the contract engaged in an act they shouldn’t have or failed to engage in an act they should have – in accordance with the contract. Having the trusted legal guidance of a skilled lawyer with a wide range of experience successfully handling these complex matters is always in your best interest.

What Constitutes a Breach of Contract?

There are specific elements that must be present in every breach of contract claim.

Understanding the Legal Elements

Breach of contract lawsuits require that certain elements be present, including:

  • There was a valid contract in place.
  • A term of the contract was breached – or violated.
  • The claimant suffered legal damages as a result of the breach.

Types of Breach

Consider the following classifications of contractual breaches:

  • Material Breach – A material breach is a serious breach that affects the contract’s primary purpose.
  • Minor Breach – A minor breach involves failing to perform a contractual obligation that doesn’t substantially affect the contractual matter.
  • Anticipatory Breach – When a party to a contract realizes ahead of time that they won’t be able to fulfill a contractual obligation, it is an anticipatory breach.
  • Actual Breach – An actual breach is when a party to the contract fails to fulfill a contractual obligation.

The Role of Civil Litigation in Contract Disputes

While contract disputes are often resolved outside of court, litigation is sometimes necessary.

Civil Law vs. Criminal Law

Civil law governs legal matters that can lead to financial consequences but don’t carry jail sentences. Criminal law, on the other hand, addresses crimes, and the penalties associated with convictions include jail time. Breach of contract is generally a civil matter, but Canada also has a criminal charge on the books.

The Litigation Process

The basic steps in the civil litigation process include:

  • Identifying the claim

  • Filing the claim with the court and serving the other party

  • Responding to the other party’s response to service

  • Engaging in discovery

  • Scheduling mediation – as applicable

  • Filing the trial record with the court

  • Having a pretrial conference with the judge

  • Engaging in final trial prep

  • Proceeding to trial

When to Consult a Litigation Lawyer

Litigation lawyers are well prepared to fiercely advocate for their clients’ rights all the way through the legal system, and they have the background and legal insight to effect positive results. If you are facing a breach of contract claim against you or have suffered losses as a result of someone else’s contractual breach, it’s time to consult with a seasoned litigation lawyer.

Personal Injury and Breach of Contract

There are instances when personal injury law and breach of contract law intersect.

If the party who is harmed by the breach of contract suffers losses that are addressed by personal injury law, the two branches of the law connect. Examples of such losses include:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Physical and emotional pain and suffering

Role of Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury lawyers deal with cases in which one party is harmed by the other’s failure to uphold the legal duty of care owed. Breach of contract lawyers, on the other hand, deal with cases in which one party is harmed by the other’s failure to uphold the contractual duty owed.

Law Society Guidelines for Contract Lawyers in Surrey and Vancouver

The Law Society of Ontario sets clear guidelines for reputable contract lawyers. Working closely with a breach of contract lawyer who follows these practices can make a serious difference in the outcome of your case.

How Experienced Lawyers Handle Contract Disputes

Lawyers who have a wealth of experience in effectively and efficiently handling contract and employment disputes have a distinct legal advantage.

To begin, these attorneys bring wide-ranging experience to the table. For example, the contract lawyers at Doran Law bring their collective experience in various practice areas to every case they take on. This includes experience deftly handling cases related to small claims, estates, and businesses.

The advantages of working with a team of savvy contract lawyers who have a vast array of complementary experience and legal skills are difficult to overstate.

What Happens When a Party Fails to Meet Obligations

When one party fails to meet their contractual obligations, it’s called a breach of contract, and the party harmed by the breach has options when it comes to obtaining a legal remedy.

If you’re the aggrieved party in a contract dispute, it means that you were harmed by the other party’s contractual breach. You can remedy the situation through negotiations that are guided by your respective contract lawyers. If this does not lead to a settlement, there are alternative dispute resolution options that include mediation.

If you’re unable to reach a settlement between yourselves, however, you can take the matter to trial for a court-ordered remedy.

The plaintiff or aggrieved party is the party who was harmed, and they are responsible for filing the breach of contract claim and seeking a legal remedy. Having focused legal guidance on your side is in your best interest.

Timely Manner: Why Time is of the Essence

In Ontario, there is only a two-year limitation period for breach of contract cases. This means you only have two years from the date you recognized you were damaged by the other party’s contractual breach to file a lawsuit against them.

Contracts are legal agreements between two or more parties. The parties are bound together by the shared purpose that the contract outlines.

How Courts in Canada Handle Breach of Contract

Canada courts employ a careful process for handling breach of contract cases.

The Trial Process

The trial process begins with any pre-trial motions and extends to all the following:

  • Opening statements are made.

  • The harmed party presents its case through evidence and witnesses.

  • The breaching party presents its case.

  • Closing statements are made.

The Role of the Judge and Jury

When a jury is involved, the judge reads them careful jury instructions. From here, the jury deliberates and either returns a verdict or a mistrial is declared. The judge – or the jury when it is a jury trial – are considered the triers of fact, and they make the final determinations in the cases they hear.

Costs and Financial Concerns

Legal cases can become very expensive very quickly, but having solid legal representation can dramatically affect how your case is resolved.

At Doran Law, we work with a range of price structures that are designed to accommodate each of our clients’ unique financial circumstances. We are committed to transparency in relation to attorney fees, and we welcome the opportunity to serve you.

When addressing a legal matter as complex as breach of contract, it’s important to have a lawyer in your corner with whom you connect. Without a consultation – either by phone or in person – this is difficult to establish, which is why we offer a free initial consultation and encourage you to schedule yours today.

Surrey-Based Breach of Contract Lawyers

Having legal representation that knows the ropes in Surrey can play a pivotal role in your claim’s outcome. Every court has its own culture and its own way of doing things, and having a breach of contract lawyer with a good deal of familiarity will serve you well.

How to Contact a Breach of Contract Lawyer

To contact a breach of contract lawyer, you have options.

To begin, you can pick up the phone and give them a call, but there are also online opportunities that include:

  • Contacting the firm through their website
  • Contacting the firm via email
  • Contacting the firm through their social media accounts

An in-person initial consultation is always recommended, and it represents your chance to ask your burning questions and get a feel for the lawyer you’re considering. If the consultation bolsters your peace of mind and instills you with confidence, you’ve likely found the lawyer for you.


The practised breach of contract lawyers at Doran Law in Surrey, Vancouver, have the expansive experience necessary to skilfully guide challenging claims like yours toward advantageous resolutions, and we’re here for you, too.  For more information about what we can do to help you, please don’t delay contacting or calling us at 604-542-9455 today.

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